Welcome to the TrakCare EMR e-learning for Physiotherapists!

We hope that you will find this e-learning programme to be a practical and useful tool on your TrakCare EMR journey. 

Much of the training programme will be released here, in Ezi-Learn, so please take some time to look around and get familiar with Ezi-Learn if you aren’t already.

You will also have access to a training version of TrakCare where you can practice any time.

  1. Please review TIP SHEET: ACCESSING TRAKCARE TRAIN02 for information on how to access the TrakCare Playpen (training environment).  
  2. Proceed to opening the TrakCare Playpen once you are familiar with the login process. (Click here.)  
  3. If you need to access the Playpen remotely. Read the instructions (Click here.)

If you have any problems accessing or using Ezi-Learn or TrakCare Training Environment, please contact your Super User or the Helpdesk.

This training programme will take you from general navigation skills through to Physiotherapy specific functionality. Each module will use a variety of different learning activities such as video demonstrations, simulations and worksheets. Don’t worry, the Training Team are here to help you on along the way. In fact, we would really appreciate your feedback on how best to help you on your learning journey, so we ask that you please complete the surveys at the end of each module.

Ok, enough talk – let’s get started! 

Compass 21 Training Team